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Rain is on the way

Friday, 02 September 2016

"All change is growth, as all movement is not forward."

Ellen Glasgow.

Bracken Brae

It’s slightly overcast this morning and there is a little chance that we may get some rain, but not a lot. There are one or two depressions on the way across the Atlantic so I think some rain will arrive this weekend. It is amazing how the temperature dips as the light comes up. When I was feeding at around 4.30 I was just in a short sleeved shirt and the temperature was 15 degrees, but when the light came up just around 6 o’clock, the temperature dipped quite dramatically and my jumper, hat and coat was put on pretty quickly. Autumn is definitely on the way.

     22_Tlova     24_Permera
Topalova and Permera

We have had a very good cantering morning close to home on Hamilton Hill and everything has done two good canters without a problem. There were plenty of trainers about on the hill this morning and the discussion got round to when the new gallop will be built and the time scale of it all. At present the planning application is being finished and will be put in and then hopefully the funds will be put into place and they can crack on. I have heard stories that it won’t be ready until 2020, but I think that is too long and we need it as quickly as possible. Once the planning and funding is in place, they should just crack on and get it built. There are a few fine tuning items to be sorted out, like viewing areas for trainers and owners and exit routes, which will need to be carefully planned, but then we need the canter to be started ASAP.

Mr Turner

The Hatchfield Farm planning application was finally put to bed yesterday when the Secretary of State reversed the decision to approve planning for 400 houses on Lord Derby’s Farm on the edge of Newmarket. This has been a long seven year saga which started off with 1200 houses and a big industrial park, reducing down recently to 400 homes, which has now been rejected. Let’s hope this is the last we hear of this. It would have been a disaster for the town as our infrastructure and road system couldn’t have taken the amount of traffic that was expected. You always want to look a long way ahead and the Newmarket racing industry should be protected at all costs. We definitely need housing in Newmarket but for the people who live here or work here, not to be a dormitory town for Cambridge, which is what Hatchfield would have become.

Walking home after exercise

There is an article today by Andrew Dietz in the Racing Post and one of his pieces is on John Oxx and his Group winner on Sunday at the Curragh. It was John’s first Group winner for three years. He is an unbelievably good trainer as well as being a proper person. Andrew’s comment was “It’s a hard one to get your head round why he has gone three years without a Group winner”. It is plain and simple to anybody who understands racing. When a big owner like the Aga Khan doesn’t send you a single horse, your chance of having a Group winner dries up dramatically, it is as simple as that. If you are being sent horses by the likes of Khalid Abdullah, Sheikh Mohammed, the Qatari Royal Family, the Aga Khan etc. you have got a massive chance at playing at the top table. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a trainer you are, you can’t make them go any quicker and you need the raw material in the first place. I, like so many people, am really delighted that John had this good winner, but without the horses it is very much harder.