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Happy Birthday Angie

Thursday, 08 September 2016

"Few can accept happiness if it means change. We want the life we have now, only happier." Robert Brault.

Gee Sixty Six

It’s a very bright morning and thank goodness there is a nice breeze as it is just starting to take away the closeness of the last few days. I think there is a bit of rain due sometime towards the weekend and I am sure autumn will soon be setting in. It certainly has been an amazing few days for this time of year. We have been at the stalls once again this morning with a concentrated effort to get one or two of them through without any fuss. This morning’s efforts went very well and I think one more good day will enable us to kick on once again. Most of the string have cantered up the Rubbing House polytrack which is 7 ½ furlongs with a dog leg in it on Southfields on racecourse side.

Sweeping Beauty

I see the BHA have come up with six new sets of all singing, all dancing colours that they are going to sell to the highest bidder, which once again makes our sport look stupid. These can only be bought by very rich individual with no thought for the tradition of our sport. I can’t see anyway this will help promote ownership which is what the BHA says the money will be spent on. We in Britain are the custodians of a brilliant industry which is the benchmark for the world. We will become a laughing stock if jockeys are going out in what can only be described as pyjama tops.


Taking a turn and walking back to the yard

All the foals have settled down really well now after weaning and the mares have been no problem either. We have still got one last field to do which will happen in the next few weeks. It is amazing how they settle down in their groups and as soon as the yearlings come into the yard in October, we will sort out the weanling colts and fillies and they will be moved over to the other side of the stud where they will remain until coming into training.