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I would love to experience the craic of Laytown

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Walking over to Southfields Round

It’s another very muggy morning and unfortunately there is no wind so I have tried to get two lots out as quickly as possible before it starts to get unbearable again. Everything has gone very smoothly and all the staff are working really well. It is early days yet, but the two new ones that started this week have got off to a good start and the team seem in very good spirits, despite our viral problems. We have been cantering on Southfields Round and it was a perfect exercise.

     17_Wizard     22_Lost
Astrowizard and Lost The Moon cantering first lot

Our stalls test didn’t go quite according to plan yesterday, which is very frustrating, but he is going back today to have another go. When he was taking the test he was just being stupid once again, but as soon as the test was over, he walked straight in to everybody frustration. I am taking him back today and risking a massive fine if he fails, but I feel it is worth the risk as I need to get some races into him in the near future.  He is not at all frightened of them, but just does what he fancies.

     32_G66     52_Tlova
Gee Sixty Six and Topalova at second lot

It looked great fun at Laytown in Ireland yesterday where they race on the beach, only have the dunes to stand on as the viewing area and are beholden to the tide times for the fixture. I would love to have a runner there someday as the craic would be mighty, as the Irish would say, and there is nothing like a proper pint of Guinness from an Irish pub. 

     20_Permera     37_Secret
Permera and Astrosecret

Whilst I was at Yarmouth yesterday supervising the stalls test there was panic from the officials who had found a wet patch at the four and a half furlong pole. A large disputation of jockeys and stewards inspected the area and decided to do away with the five furlong race, much to the annoyance of certain jockeys, one who had to drive six hours to find an abandoned race. What the cause was is anybody’s guess, but mine would be the watering system on the newly laid ground. The clerk of the course always bemoans the small fields and thinks it is because the ground is on the firm side, but I can assure him it is nothing to do with that. He has got 3000 horses on his doorstep and a good galloping track. All he needs to do is put on good prize money and he will get the runners. It could be a fantastic track, Yarmouth, and hugely popular, but the prize money is invariably very poor and consequently the standard of racing is. The whole industry to me seems to be just run for the bookmakers and there doesn’t seem to be anybody that can take them on.