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What a debacle at the start

Thursday, 29 September 2016

"Worry is wasting today’s time cluttering up tomorrow’s opportunities with yesterday’s troubles."


Topamichi and Desert River walking to the start of the gallop

We have got plenty of wind this morning and now as I write this, driving rain. The temperature is not cold though and in fact it is one of those mornings I quite like. All the horses have been on Southfields Round, we have had no coughing and they have all moved well. It is great that the all-weather tracks are kept in such good condition by the Jockey Club Estates and the lads reported that it rode like a carpet round it this morning.

Velvet Voice

What a debacle at Salisbury yesterday in our race. I don’t know what the starter was doing as he was shouting no no no, but let them go when several of the jockeys had already taken a pull and started to prepare for another walk in. This led to such a very funny race indeed. I don’t think it bothered Astrosecret too much as she patently didn’t handle the very soft ground, which I thought she would do, but at least I have found this out and will not be running her on this again.

The wind blowing across Southfields

I know it is not horseracing, but I think horseracing should take note of what has happened to the Wimbledon greyhound stadium, which has finally got the red light to be closed and to be developed into housing and a football stadium. Wimbledon was the last London inner city greyhound track and the Derby was such an iconic race. Horseracing has many tracks that could be built on, especially tracks where they are within the town limits. Even Folkestone, which is miles away from the town, closed and they are going to build on that. This closure could be a disaster for greyhound racing and I just hope they can find a home for the Derby which will have the similar atmosphere, but it will be very hard.