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It's a really foggy start to the week

Monday, 03 October 2016

"Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child."

Joan Almon.

The horses are cantering through the fog



Thick fog greeted us this morning and the temperature had dropped to two degrees as I drove in. It has taken to nearly 10 o’clock to clear and with no wind it has only been burnt off as the sun got higher in the sky. We have been cantering on the Rubbing House polytrack, but from where I was standing it was very hard to see what was going on as you only saw them for around 100 yards as they came out of the fog. They all seemed to be moving very well and there have been no coughers.

The fog has lifted for second lot

What great racing at the weekend and an amazing one, two, three for the Coolmore connections which just emphasised how outstanding Galileo is as a sire. You can’t put this achievement into words really as it is just truly amazing and how the filly deserved it. This generation are very lucky to have the world’s best jockey, Ryan Moore, to watch and appreciate. He makes very few mistakes when the pressure is on and is worth everything they are paying him. There were other great victories for three English trainers and two of them were from Newmarket, which is always uplifting for everybody who trains here.

Two visiting South Korean trainers

I have been followed around this morning by two South Korean trainers who are over here at the British Racing School doing a course in horse management and horse training. I can’t pronounce their names but call them Kon and Bon. They are both very cheerful and enthusiastic and have been scribbling notes and asking questions since first light. South Korea is really getting going as a horseracing nation, with several tracks now being built and they had their first big international day not too long ago. Being in the northern hemisphere I am sure there will be a lot of horses exported out there as their industry expands.