Go to Kempton or Wolverhampton and then you will see what racing is really like ...

One runner over the weekend

Friday, 28 October 2016

"Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another."


Cantering on Southfields Round at first light

Bracken Brae at first lot

There is a slight breeze this morning and you can definitely feel it is autumn, but as yet we have had no frost whatsoever. This is disappointing as we need a good spell of cold weather to kill the bugs. I am sure it is something to do with the mild winters we have had recently which have not helped with all the infections in the yards. A proper hard winter would certainly help that. Southfields Round has been the exercise of the morning so far with two lots going just over a mile round at a reasonable canter. Everything has gone well so far apart from one which got a bit of a run on.

Exercise over now back to the yard

Hold Firm ran as well as I could have possibly hoped last night when he made his reappearance after a problem. He has not done an enormous amount of work, but as always he loves the races and gave Georgia a good ride. He was hampered once or twice and would have finished a bit nearer. He had a good blow afterwards and will strip a lot fitter next time.

We have one runner over the weekend. Permera runs on Saturday night at Chelmsford in the 8.10.  I am hoping that this trip will be ideal for her and she must be in with a chance of getting competitive.

Lost The Moon

We have got the big build up now for the Breeders' Cup bonanza and the Melbourne Cup. These are two fantastic meetings which everybody should attend at least once in their lifetime. There are big contingents from Europe entered in both Hemispheres and let’s hope they can run with credit. I am sure they will do. It is also the start of the UAE Racing Carnival, where there will be a lot of well-known horses from Europe competing. It is amazing how international the racing scene is. The problem with horseracing is that, unlike cars, you can’t take the engine out and put a similar one in. They try and make it like the motor racing Grand Prix circuit, but it never will be as living animals are completely different and thank goodness they always will be.

The heathmen at work

This must be a first for why a race can be declared void. In Hong Kong this week a rake that had been used to repair the ground had been left against the stalls and interfered with the gate opening mechanism. This meant several of the stalls opened after the others, which made the race a non-event and had to be declared void. I wonder if that was the main reason, but it’s a good one.

The trees are taking on their autumn colour

I am glad to see some more owners complaining about the Yarmouth debacle I commented on earlier in the week and why Arena Racing won’t pay any compensation. Any owners who are a member of the ROA will receive £100 compensation as part of an insurance scheme that is run by the organisation, but it is pathetic in real terms and it is so disappointing that the racecourse is hiding behind certain regulations. They have no idea about goodwill and I am sure every owner in that race will think twice before having a runner at Yarmouth again if that is how they are treated. At present we are in a honeymoon period with the Middle Eastern support never ceasing to end, but nothing stays the same forever and they would be wise to nurture normal owners who are the backbone of the industry.