They are not children ...

More yearlings coming in

Thursday, 10 November 2016

"A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain."

Arabian Proverb.

We are very pleased to say that the internet is now back up and running. Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.


The sun rising over the gallops

At least it has stopped raining now although there is plenty of water lying around. I think most of the country had a good dowsing and the courses that were getting worried about the ground will be feeling a lot happier. It is much better to run on at least good ground jumping as the pressure on the tendons and knees is much less on a softer surface. We have been cantering on the Rubbing House polytrack this morning and all has gone well so far.


Autumn colours

It's the awards' season at the moment and this week's Cartier Awards in London saw Aiden O'Brien sweep the boards with five awards and one for him personally with the Award of Merit. What a season he has had and how dominating a sire Galileo has been. It is very rare to find a stallion that gets horses that stay all distances from 5 furlongs to 2 miles plus in the highest grade. He will be sorely missed when he is retired, but with the system Coolmore have in place I am sure they will find a worthy successor. His sons are starting to make an impact as well.


Jess sorting the hay steamer

It is going to be quite a busy morning as some of the yearling fillies are coming into the yard and we have given one or two older horses a rest at my assistant trainer Barry's place at Brinkley, just outside Newmarket. It is always fun when the yearlings come in as it is like the first day at school for them, and some settle into the new routine quickly whereas others take a little while to get used to the new environment. They are with their friends though and, after a bit of initial neighing,  they soon get into the routine and enjoy the next period of their lives, becoming a proper racehorse.