Go to Kempton or Wolverhampton and then you will see what racing is really like ...

We have one runner today and one tomorrow

Friday, 11 November 2016

"There is a bunch of things we mean to do, and life is the time we spend meaning to do them."

Robert Brault.

Mr Turner (Barry)

It’s cold and foggy this morning and in fact it has got colder and foggier as the light has come up. It’s been quite a hectic morning as “it’s no room at the inn” at the moment with every box full after the yearling intake yesterday. They have all settled in well and apart from one who didn’t eat too much last night, we don’t seem to have too many problems. Everybody is working well with two new yard staff getting up to speed and we have been cantering close to home once again.

Hold Firm (Georgia)

We have two runners over the weekend. Peeps runs today and Hold Firm tomorrow, both at Lingfield. Peeps is in the 3.40, the one mile four furlong handicap. This looks a wide open race as normal and if she puts her best foot forward and gets out of the stalls on level terms, she must have a chance at the weights, especially with Georgia taking off 7lbs. Tomorrow we run Hold Firm at the same venue in the mile and a quarter at 3.45. He again has a similar sort of chance, will have improved from his run at Chelmsford, but still just might need this to get back to peak fitness. However, I am sure both of them will run well and Hold Firm especially will benefit enormously for it. 

Permera (Barry)

I see the BHA has announced a change to the entry criteria to handicaps at Class 3 and below. It will enable horses that are one or two pounds higher than the rating band to be entered. They will have to carry extra weight and will be the first to be balloted out. I don’t know whose brainwave this was, but I think it is something to do with field sizes, especially over jumps. Personally, I think it is a completely crackers idea and will only add confusion to everything. The main reason is that racecourses don’t want to put on higher rated handicaps as it cost them more money. If you are going to have a different weight range, have it 45-63 or 55-68 rather than this absolutely stupid idea. It just goes to show how little everybody understands the sport. What they need to do instead of the racecourses deciding what races to put on, and when, there should be a centralised race planner who tells them what they can run. On a weekly basis you get so many anomalies where there is no opportunity for certain horses and then four on the same day. It is just barmy and honestly you couldn’t make it up. This is just tinkering for tinkering sake. If the race planner were better there would be no need for this change which will only cause confusion.

Two yearling being ridden round the lunge ring

We are giving all the horses their annual flu, tetanus and EHV 1.4 injections this weekend, which means they cannot run for seven days. These injections are mandatory but often can set horses back if they are not given an easy time for a few days. We will only have one runner next week, on Thursday, who will have hers the day after. The BHA is introducing a new website for the professionals at the moment and it is a complete nightmare once again. The old one worked very well, looked better and was liked by everybody. This new one is bland, tricky to navigate and at present nowhere near as good as the old one. A huge amount of money and time has been put into it, but once again the people who have set it up have no idea how racing offices work and what they require.