Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

It's a busy morning here at the yard

Monday, 14 November 2016

"It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not."

Attributed to Hanoch McCarty.

Lost The Moon at first lot

Indian Red cantering

It’s a funny morning in that we have had some rain early on, but now it is calm and quite warm. The forecast is for it to continue showery most of the week and then certainly getting colder, I think, from Wednesday onwards. We have had quite a busy morning with horses cantering although we are not going to put any stress on them at all as they all had their flu jabs on Saturday. We have started to get the new yearlings on the walker and beginning to get them used to the lunge ring and the breaking tack. All good fun as they all take it differently.

Gee Sixty Six at day break

Our two runners didn’t sparkle at the weekend but neither of them ran really badly. Peeps did her usual missing the break and every time I put some headgear of any sort on her, this is what she seems to do, especially on the course. At home she is very good, but once in a race, she reverts to the cigar advert. She was very lucky not to have been brought down when there was a pile up in the home straight and thank goodness all the jockeys got up and walked away.

Hold Firm ran well for a long way before just getting tired, but that will have put him spot on and he will go very close next time wherever I run him.

Bracken Brae

There is a great letter today in the Racing Post from Peter Stanley who is a highly respected stud owner in Newmarket. He is bemoaning the sale of Champs Elysees and Mount Nelson to Ireland to stand as a dual purpose stallion. I couldn’t agree with him more and his sentiments on why everybody is obsessed with speed are very correct. Our breeding industry seems to be all about a quick buck nowadays, and everybody wants to sell their horses at any age, rather than race them. Two-year-olds are being retired to stand as stallions which is crackers, but once again, commercial forces come into play. The only problem we have in this industry is prize money which is at a level of 20 years ago. Even the smallest race nowadays should be £6,000 added and then it would be worthwhile to keep horses in training. If we don’t encourage people to buy horses that stay a mile plus as Peter quite rightly says in his letter “we will find ourselves in the Australian situation where their most prestigious race, i.e. the Melbourne Cup, has had only one homebred runner each year for the last five years”. I hope our rulers take note, but we may need a revolution from within the ranks to bring about change.