Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

One runner today at Wolverhampton

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good."

Edwin Denby.

Bracken Brae

It’s a mild bright morning and no rain. We have been close to home with the horses using Hamilton Hill polytrack for a good walk and a trot, followed by a healthy canter. All has gone well so far. The staff are pulling their weight well and working really hard and with all the horses looking so good, let’s hope everybody can get their just rewards

Mr Turner and Sweeping Beauty

We have one runner today at Wolverhampton where Topaling reappears after a 163 day absence in the 3.10, the one mile four furlong fillies’ handicap. She likes Wolverhampton having won there four times before. This trip may be a bit on the sharp side for her and she is a law unto herself at home, so you never know how fit she is or not. It is all about kidding her, taking her to different places and hoping that she condescends to do a canter. We have got her as fit as we can and now all she needs is to have a bout of running. Let’s hope she can shape up once again. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility. 


There are a couple of very good articles today in the Racing Post, one by Julian Muscatt and a letter from a breeder in Leicestershire. Both are on the lines that the breeders of today and the whole general sales industry is all about a quick turnover making as much money as possible, which means the emphasis is on breeding speed, speed, speed. This does the breed absolutely no good whatsoever and I am afraid our leaders have let this run away without doing anything about it. The sales company’s don’t help by putting on two-year-old races for enormous pots which is self-funded by the purchasers. The whole problem throughout the industry is prize money. If it was worth owning horses just for the excitement and the interest alone, you would attract new owners. However, because the prize money is so very poor in the lower and middle levels, the ordinary straightforward owner struggles to get anything back and after a few years decides to move on. A third and a fourth at Wolverhampton and Kempton on a dreary evening with a return of £600-£700 is not much payback for the outlay. There is so much that can be done, prize money down to 8th, appearance money, i.e. like Chester, the owners looked after much better, this ridiculous pass system scrapped, the BHA move out of London, Weatherbys get some competition, put people who know what they are doing in the race planning department and make the racecourses put on races that the horsemen want. There are so many ideas that need to happen, but still we have got very poor leaders and I think we need a Brexit / Trump revolution before we see any action. Peter Stanley is a young forward thinking person and he must be encouraged to speak out more and tell the powers that be how we should start to run our industry once again.