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Friday, 25 November 2016

"No man is quick enough to enjoy life to the full."

Spanish Proverb.

Bracken Brae leading Heavensfield

It’s a very bright and clear morning, quite cold with a slight frost. I have been using the grass on Southfields for all lots this morning and all has gone well. We will be having runner’s everyday next week and hopefully it will be a good week.

Gee Sixty Six

The foal sales took off a bit yesterday with the median and average up and there are plenty of people trying to get rid of their money. It’s supposedly the best day of the sales today and there should be some good prices, although once again maybe yearling prices rather than foal. Angie and I have been up at the sales having a look at some of the new stallion’s progeny, which is always very interesting and informative. It certainly helps make your mind up when choosing stallions for the future.

Indian Red

Thank you to everybody who donated to the diet charities, but I would ask anybody who hasn’t contributed yet if they could please send any donations as we could just do with a bit more coming in. All the dieters put in a fantastic effort and the majority are continuing on now as they feel so much better and heathier. I myself lost a stone and a half and other people have lost well over a stone as well and are on their way to losing over two. I think all the effort deserves a bit of a reward and both the charities are very deserving. 


Frankland Lodge dieters charities

Congratulation to Jim Crowley being given the job as Sheikh Hamdam’s number one rider. It will be fascinating to see how he gets on in the job, but there are certainly plenty of horses for him to ride. I am sure Paul Hanagan will not be short of rides next year as he is a top class jockey, does a great weight and will now be free to ride for anybody. These jobs always look to be brilliant and they are certainly well paid, but you can’t go without the horse and sometimes it can be very hard for the jockey’s agent to fix rides up when you don’t know where you are being sent until the last minute.