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The horses need to learn early

Tuesday, 06 December 2016

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."

Winston Churchill.

The Cambridge Road polytrack

It’s a foggy, frosty morning and it was quite dangerous crossing the Cambridge Road at first lot with the traffic flying along trying to get to work. The drivers seem to take no notice whatsoever of flashing lights and arm waving. I have been campaigning for as long as I can remember to get better crossing points on this road, but without any luck and I am sure the only thing that will make the council see sense is somebody being killed. It is only a matter of time before this happens. You can have people on the ground with yellow jackets, you can have horses and riders covered in reflective gear, but still they speed by you and hurl abuse if you question them. We did manage to get out and back ok, but I needed to point out this very important issue. All the horses moved like dreams on the perfect ground.

Bracken Brae

We are getting on really well with the yearlings and the two lots we have going out are behaving impeccably. We had them walk through the fixed stalls yesterday as you will have seen from the picture. This is the age to teach them, but don’t forget most of ours have been very well handled at the stud on a daily basis and they are so trusting. It is not like the olden days when the horses were sent into training completely wild and it was a proper shock to the system. It took much longer to break them in back then. Nowadays it is so much easier, both for us and for them. I always say I am like the headmaster and if you are a good teacher, the children love to learn.

Newmarket stands in the fog

It looks like the Hennessey Gold Cup at Newbury will not be named that next year as the company are changing their sponsorship direction. From what I can gather Newbury are very keen that Ladbrokes take over the race from next year. This flies in the face of the BHA as Ladbrokes, along with the rest of the big four, are not one of their approved betting partners. Why a track like Newbury doesn’t conform with the industry I just don’t know. I hope that if they go ahead with this sponsorship against the vast majority’s stance they then don’t complain when they are alienated. If we all stand together as one, which we should do, this industry can thrive, but if we are constantly diluted it will all fall apart. Let’s hope common sense and character can win.