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Viewing stallions

Thursday, 15 December 2016

" Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

Dalai Lama.


Indian Red

It's another mild morning as we have had throughout the weeek. We are using the Hamilton Hill today and  so far all has gone very well. I am delighted with the way this year's great bunch of yearlings are progressing and enjoying their education and new routine. We have only two more to come in now and they will be here before the weekend.


Koin being ridden round the yard for the first time

Since the recent non-trier case there have been quite a few column inches written in the newspapers. We in the industry live in our own bubble and we need the general public to know that we do not condone any cheating. The perception of the general public must be that racing is a clean sport. I know I am always so disappointed when reading about  sportsmen taking drugs or cheating in any way. The point with this recent case is that the penalty has to be severe enough to be a deterrent. I imagine that if this case had happened in Hong Kong and if it had resulted in a guilty verdict, the culprit would have been banned for life. My opinion is that the penalty should fit the crime if we want the general public to continue to enjoy and have trust in our sport.


The gleaming Lawman ex Astromagick filly - concentrating on Gabore's newspaper

Today Angie and I are going round with Richard and Wendy Marriott visiting various local stud farms to look at the stallions. It's always a must to inspect them every year if you can, as although you can see their pictures in the stallion books it is a revelation to view them in the flesh. Obviously a big part of the enjoyment and the business of breeding is planning matings and choosing which stallion would suit each mare. I am really looking forward to our trip.


Richard Marriott with his Sea The Moon ex Battery Power weanling filly

Yesterday Phil Green, who used to run me in the office for very many years as most of you will remember, popped in to see us. He looked extremely well and was his usual fun self. He is going to write us a few articles for the site next year. As he was a newspaper editor you can expect the real deal from him, and we are thrilled.