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A great day yesterday

Friday, 16 December 2016

"Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important."

Janet Lane.


On the Hamilton Hill

It's a very overcast and damp morning but still quite mild. We have been using both the Rubbing House polytrack and Hamilton Hill for our main canters. I have had the yearling fillies in the long reins myself today as Anna, who has been breaking the yearlings and doing a great job, had her fingers pulled very badly yesterday and will need a couple of days off. All has gone well so far. We also brought in the last two yearling fillies. This was not an easy task as although one was perfect loading up the other was more than stubborn. It took five big men to push, shove and cadjole before she would agree to be loaded. It's great fun if you don't weaken.


Sweeping Beauty

Our visit around the studs was extremely interesting and it certainly helps to see these stallions in the flesh as you get a different insight into how healthy they look, their confirmation and movement. We visited four studs all in close proximity and saw seventeen stallions. We shall now start to check the pedigrees and get some prices before making our final choices. It's great for the owners to be involved and I know that the family Marriott thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's outing. Below are some of the stallions we saw. 

    Garswood_1    Mayson

                                Garswood                                                                        Mason 

    Lethal_2    K2

                              Lethal Force                                                                  Kyllachy

    Dutch_1    Piv

                              Dutch Art                                                                         Pivotal

    New_A_1    Casamento

                        New Approach                                                                       Casamento

    Bated_or_Dansili     Dansili

                            Bated Breath                                                                         Dansili

The stud staff were marvellous and we should like to thank them for all their kindness to everybody. Their experience shone through and the stallions behaved impeccably.


The great Frankel

We are having our AGM of the Trainers' Federation on Monday. There will be a lot to talk about as, along with all the items on the Heath and it's improvements, we have to discuss the stable staff housing plan on Hamilton Hill. Bill Simpson our rating expert is attending and he will tell us what is happening with the rates and what we can do to appeal them if they are too high. It will be a lively meeting and I hope that we have plenty of members there.