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Expect a drop in temperature this week

Monday, 09 January 2017

"Optimism is the foundation of courage."

Nicholas Murray Butler.

Walking to the start of the gallop

It’s been an odd weekend weather-wise with the temperature rising on Sunday and it being very mild. It has started off that way this morning with some rain forecast for today. It looks like getting very cold towards the middle to end of this week with the temperature plummeting to -10 or lower and snow could fall anywhere in the country. We have been cantering on our normal haunts, the Rubbing House, Southfields Round and Hamilton Hill all morning.

Cantering up Hamilton Hill

The ITV racing had this week moved to ITV4 which is a little known channel. The figures have dropped considerably from last week when it was on the main channel. It is going to be there until the Cheltenham Festival in March and although it will give them plenty of practice, I don’t think it will do the industry much good. I hope they can change their minds and put some days back on to the normal channel as I don’t see how it is going to become compulsive viewing or gain new fans if it is not in a consistent place. I didn’t see the new morning line as it was on at 10 a.m. when we are all working so I cannot comment about it, but I have heard some good reports and this is another programme which could be beneficial if it was on the main ITV channel.


The mares due to foal early are all in the foaling boxes now and everything is in place for the new season ahead. I say it every year but it comes round very quickly and it is possible that we will have snow on the ground when the first foals are born. We have been finalising our mating plans and have changed our minds many times, but it is always great fun trying to get the right bloodlines and hoping upon hope that luck goes your way and the new offspring will turn out to be talented.