The turf season is just around the corner ...

The Kempton debate continues

Thursday, 12 January 2017

"One who walks in another’s tracks leaves no footprints."


Indian Red

As yet we have not got the cold and wintery weather that is being forecast, it will probably be here by early evening, but it’s relatively mild at the moment with a slight breeze. We have had a normal cantering morning with a varied assortment of canters used and I have been long reining four colts, which are all going well and are ready to kick on with.

Four Fifty Three

The fallout from the big announcement about Kempton continues, predictably with the jump trainers to the fore. However, I see very sensibly Jonjo O’Neil can’t see a problem with it and thinks that if added prize money to the jump fixtures goes ahead, as it will do, it can benefit everybody. It is no good having a short term attitude and you must keep evolving. The Jockey Club in the past have been accused of being old fuddy-duddies and stick in the muds, but over the past decade they have started to get themselves organised and are now a very forward thinking organisation. They have revolutionised the gallops at Epsom and Lambourn, which all the trainers must be pleased with, and their tracks are constantly being updated. An all-weather track in Newmarket is a must and should be welcomed by everybody. I am sure there is a long road ahead and many battles to be won, but with common sense and thoughts for the future these plans can be brought to fruition. 

Pastoral Pursuits ex Mega colt

There were great memories for me today in the Queens of the Turf series where Stanerra takes pride of place. She was a great big mare who did nothing but improve. I can’t claim any credit, but she did gallop with our horses before winning at Ascot. I have actually never seen anything like it, how she travelled at home and quickened up like a Ferrari. My old flat mate, Chris Ryan who now hunts the Black and Tans in Ireland, was Frank Dunne’s assistant at the time, hence the gallop, and Chris worshiped the filly as if she were his mother. It is interesting to see that she only ran a couple of times until she was four, I would think mainly due to her size. I know time and patience costs money, but she is the best example of what it can bring.

Pastoral Pursuits ex Trew Class filly

We have now got a dedicated Raceworld section on our website and a couple of pictures on the site today are of our new Raceworld yearlings, a colt and a filly, both by the very fast Pastoral Pursuits. They come highly recommended, are priced very reasonably and can be seen at any time. For further details please phone Jenko on 07774 784497 or the office.