The new game machines are set to go in the shops ...

It feels really cold this morning

Thursday, 26 January 2017

"Change always comes bearing gifts."

Price Pritchett.

We have been using Hamilton Hill today

It’s colder this morning I think and the wind is just starting to get up which will undoubtedly make it feel a lot colder. We have been lucky so far this winter in that we have not had much wet and so far very little wind either, but there is still a long way to go. We have had a good morning cantering on Hamilton Hill with all the horses that are in full work and everything else either walking or being long reined. All has gone well so far.

On the way out to exercise

I see the new betting shop TV channel is causing ructions, with Arena Racing telling Ladbrokes their betting shop outlets at six tracks will not be allowed to operate. This situation has got to end and it just shows how many divisions there still are in our industry. Why we all can’t get on for the greater good I don’t know, in fact I do know, it is all about money and profit, but Ladbrokes will have to see sense eventually as their arch rival, William Hill, have done a deal which means their 4,000 shops will get the pictures. If you go in a betting shop you at least expect to see racing.

Havana Gold ex Astrodonna

The Queens of the Turf continues with number six today, Goldikova, who was a great mare. This has been one of the best series that the Racing Post has ever done and people look forward to it daily. Whoever thought it up wants commending. 


I think the idea of shutting Kempton is starting to sink in and after the initial agro, both Steve Dennis and Bill Barber in today’s Post write very sensible articles. Bill states the blindingly obvious that Sandown needs a lot of money spending on it just to maintain its standard now, but does need a complete revamp. With the amount of racing the turf track gets, both flat and jumping, you can see why the surface needs a tremendous amount of work doing to it. You have got to move with the times and I think it is nearly time to get rid of the name all-weather racing and just call everything racing, regardless of what surface we run on. In fact it would be good to have a mixture on most days just how they do in America.