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A very happy Valentines Day to all our horses

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

"Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart."


Sunrise over Newmarket

Walking to the Cambridge Road 

It’s a bright morning but the wind is quite strong and with the temperature not very high, it is making it pretty cold. We have had another busy morning with gallopers on the Cambridge Road polytrack at first lot and then stalls at second lot. For a change the stalls went perfectly and we will be running said horse on Thursday at Chelmsford. The orphan foal has been fed every 45 minutes by bottle. I managed to get Angie to sleep for a few hours yesterday afternoon / early evening when I took over the job, but she was up all night herself. The foster mother arrives today and the process of mare and foal bonding will start as soon as possible. It usually works, but there is no guarantee so I will keep you informed of progress as the week goes on.

Astrostorm leading Mr Turner

I see Tony McCoy is sticking to his guns about lady jockeys. He even goes as far to suggest that they should go over the channel to further their racing careers. I don’t think it is a bad idea to offer them some incentive and the 4lbs they get could make a massive difference if they have got the ability of several of our good girls. Whether the BHA will ever bring it in over here is open to debate and I suppose they will be watching what happens with this French initiative before changing anything in this country. Just a thought though, if we let fillies and mares have an allowance when running against colts, why not do it with the jockeys?

Working upsides is (L-R) Topalova, Lost The Moon and Bracken Brae

I see my favourite track York have put their prize money up at their biggest meeting of the year, the Ebor Festival. The Juddmonte now will be worth £1 million and every race on the cards will not be run for less than £60,000. This is a great initiative, but sadly most of the money will go to the same owners, who don’t run for the money. The major players who are keeping our industry afloat at present certainly don’t race for the money and the sooner our BHA understands this the better. Prize money must be distributed to the lower and middle races as quickly as possible and increased considerably if we are to maintain and even try and recruit new owners. There is much talk of the new levy creating more income, but it must go to prize money straight away as we are starting to get on the slippery slope and the incentives are not there to encourage people. We are the only sport in the world where the players are paid a pittance.