The turf season is just around the corner ...

It's a really mild day

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

"Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen — a happily-ever-after to supper."

Terri Guillemets.

Looking over the door at the surroundings

It’s much milder today and it is getting lighter at both ends of the day. I could nearly see at 4.15 when I was in this morning and it certainly wasn’t cold as I walked round the boxes. We have had a good morning cantering with a variety of canters used. We used the grass on New Ground, as well as Southfield Round and Hamilton Hill. All has ticked over nicely. A load of hay arrived just now which is getting unloaded as we speak and we have had a few applicants for various jobs, but, as yet, no new staff have been firmed up.

Excellebration ex Lady Bellatrix in the lunge pit

It was interesting to see the National’s weight published and how this race is now becoming so much more out of most owners reach. Very similar to races on the flat, the big elite owners have a monopoly on the top horses and the old way where anybody had a chance of getting in and that magical dream coming true has disappeared. It is all to do with animal welfare they will tell you, but, if you have not got fortunes to spend, you have got very little hope of ever having a runner in the Grand National. I don’t think the new evening affair rather than the lunch time format went down well either and a lot of the papers had gone to press before the weights could reach them. A bit of a silly idea once again.


Another silly idea is this city centre racing which reads like the Jockey Club are a key player in it. I hope the BHA knocks it straight on the head as this is one of the craziest ideas that have ever been bandied about. It is purely a way of certain individuals getting major sponsors to keep their company’s afloat. It wouldn’t work in any big city as the dangers and the health and safety would be far too much.

Singing Hinnie at a recent show

Our foster mother is getting on well. She arrived yesterday, mid-morning, and they have both bonded well together. It takes quite a bit of expertise to get this to happen, and we will be turning them out together tomorrow for the first time. These foster mothers are worth their weight in gold and I am told by the man who has these mares that there were two or three calls yesterday for other ones. It just goes to show what can happen with mares when they are foaling. It is always a miracle when everything turns out ok.