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Mixed weather is to come

Monday, 27 February 2017

"A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart."


Cantering on Hamilton Hill

It’s reasonably mild this morning after a quiet weekend. I’m told it’s going to be mixed weather all week with plenty of showers and also turning a bit colder. It’s just typical February / March weather, but it will soon be spring. The daffodils think it is already spring as there are so many buds on the ones at home just waiting for some warm weather to burst into life. We have been using the polytrack canters all morning with the Rubbing House, Southfields Round and Hamilton Hill all being used and everything, so far, has gone smoothly. It looks as if we will be having a few runners during the week and if we get sensible draws, they should all be competitive. 

Mr Turner leading

It just goes to show how dangerous it is for jockeys, or in fact anybody when dealing with horses. Barry Geraghty is out of the Cheltenham Festival with a collapsed lung and six broken ribs and George Baker was very lucky not to be any worse than he is after a terrible fall in Switzerland. Falls happen very quickly and these two were completely different. Geraghty’s injuries were caused by a horse kicking him after the hurdle. The horse was just accelerating at the time and was a bit low and clipped the top. George’s was due to a horse putting his foot in a hole and bringing down his mount. It reads as though the snow and ice covering the lake, which they race on in Switzerland, was beginning to thaw out underneath. I don’t know much about racing over there but, on reading the papers, they are questioning the date of this meeting. Let’s hope both jockeys make a full recovery as the two of them are at the top of their profession. Both these incidents could not have been avoided but the ones where people clip heels and fall could be. There have been a few lately on the all-weather and I don’t know what the BHA is doing about this. There certainly wants to be some education, especially with the younger members of the jockey profession.

The first daffodil is out

I see the Levy Board are going to maintain their contributions through April and May, but if the new government scheme to replace the Levy from April 1st for some reason fails, or is held up, there will be a big problem after that to maintain the levels of prize money as the coffers are beginning to run dry at the Levy Board. Let’s just hope that the government are organised enough and don’t have any legal challenges which could hold it up for a long time. The sooner everybody gets on with it the better.