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Congratulations to the connections of Hold Firm

Wednesday, 01 March 2017

"Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable."

Wendy Wasserstein.

Collecting the prize after Hold Firm winning

I don’t think it is much warmer this morning although the wind may have dropped slightly. We had a good dollop of rain last night and I was expecting it to be wet first thing, but as yet we haven’t had anything. We have had a normal hectic morning with cantering on all the tracks, stalls handling and mares being covered, plus feeding at 4 o’clock and the phone never stopping. Just a normal day.

     12_Topalova     13_Stellekaya
Topalova and Stellekaya on the Hamilton Hill

Everybody was delighted that Hold Firm got his head in front for the fourth time yesterday, given a very good ride by Gabriele Malune. He did the job nicely. I will be trying to find a race for him quite quickly as he doesn’t get a penalty for winning an apprentice race, but I doubt the handicapper would put him up too much anyway. He is another winner for our Raceworld syndicates and there were several members there yesterday who get such enjoyment out of the whole package. We have got two really good two-year-olds for this year in Raceworld, please have a look at them on the website and book a visit either through Jenko or the office.

Indian Red having a bit more practice at the stalls

There are a couple of very good letters in the Racing Post today (and whilst mentioning the Racing Post, has anybody been on their new website lately. I don’t like it and they are trying to get you to pay money to see the news). One of the letters is on the low prize money at Newcastle, mainly in the jump season, which is what I am been banging on about all the time. It will just alienate the owners who have horses in the middle to bottom range. The other one is about a good idea to revisit a copyright scheme to raise money for the industry. This was tested several years ago in the European courts and failed due to the EU law, but with us leaving the community soon, it may well be that this area should be revisited. It would certainly rest back the financial blackmail that the bookmakers hold over us and give the BHA control of all aspects of racing.