The turf season is just around the corner ...

New Ground turf is the canter of choice

Tuesday, 07 March 2017

"Put your future in good hands – your own."



On New Ground turf this morning

There was very little wind first thing and it was quite quiet when we were cantering on the turf on New Ground at first and second lot. It is a bright, not quite spring like morning with showers forecast later on, but I read today that the forecast of cold and frosty weather on its way may be wrong. We have been busy in the yard moving a few horses about and putting them in the boxes we think they will be more relaxed and happy in. If you observe horses like you should do, you soon get an instinct as to who gets on with whom and what position in the yard they like to be in. It is good to get it sorted out before the season gets underway.


 Mr Turner

I am pleased to the see the BHA have overturned the fine the stewards put onto the two trainers who withdrew their horses because of Storm Doris. Common sense is always the best way of going forward in these matters and certainly there was none on that night at Chelmsford. Rules are rules I can hear everybody saying, but for once common sense won out. No horses were injured and apart from the costs of getting the horses to the course, which was quiet dangerous in its own way, nothing has been lost.

Indian Red

We have got several mares well overdue now on the stud and I hope I can give you some news of new foals during the week. The mares this time are very slow coming into season and we have only covered a couple, which is not very good for this time of year. Angie and David put it down to the cold spells we had which made the mares think it was winter again and they have gone backwards rather than forwards. It is amazing how nature works. The only problem is that if it is happening to everybody, once the weather does warm up, the stallions will be having to work all day long and it will be harder to book the slots for when you mare is in a prime state. All the new foals though are doing well and I am delighted to say the orphan is really shaping up after her poor start. She has not been putting on as much weight as we would have liked, but with continued hardwork and skill, she will start to thrive from now.