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Galloping Across The Flat today

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

"He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin."

English Proverb.


It’s much colder this morning, with the temperature certainly dipping overnight. Its bright sunshine though and very little wind, so although cold, it is very pleasant working. We are still a bit short in the riding department, but have been galloping some horses Across The Flat at first and second lot. All went well. There is nothing better than riding a racehorse in fast work and to me it is beyond comprehension that we can’t get the staff to experience the thrill and satisfaction of bringing a horse to peak fitness. I am sure our industry is not promoted properly enough by the people who work in the recruiting area. For a young person who likes horses, has some bottle and wants to see the world, there is no better job.

Sandwood Bay

With Cheltenham just over I thought I would comment once again on the whip rule. Here we had a horse win a race and the whip rule was broken. The comment from the rider of “I wanted to win at all cost, I’m breaking the rules, but I don’t care” is absolutely ridiculous and although getting a 13 day ban and a £400 fine, the horse still kept the race. It is the easiest think in the world to count the number of cracks you have given a horse, and it would only take one disqualification to sort the matter out, but as usual the horse in not thought about, just the betting.


I see another Irish trainer is calling for a cap on runners that a single owner can have in a race as he thinks it would help the middle to smaller trainers. He is on the verge of giving the game up because he can’t make it pay, and, if you don’t have the backing of a big owner, find that one horse to put you in the limelight, or you can sell to survive, you have very little chance of making it viable. The Irish have just had a great Cheltenham, but the big trainers have dominated once again and although the punters and the press don’t seem to mind, you must have a wide base of the pyramid or the whole thing will collapse. I think it is verging on that way, both on the flat and on the jumps in Ireland and here.