The turf season is just around the corner ...

Only two mares left to foal

Monday, 27 March 2017

"Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius."

Robert Brault.

Desert River at first lot

It’s pretty cool this morning but the temperature is supposed to be on the rise this week. It’s been hectic so far with horses going in and out and we have had Indian Red through the stalls, where he was very good. He will be having a stalls test, possibly at the weekend, as you have to give them a fortnight from the failure point. Our new head girl / feeder, Linda, has started this morning and that is all going well. It gives me a chance to do other things rather than feeding and keeping the yard going. We just need some more riders now, which no doubt will turn up in the near future. 

     17_4_Miracles     19_4_Miracles
The Four Miracles filly having a jump about in the paddock

I see the Irish trainers are up in arms about the business rates. It looks like the councils are really going to hit the trainers where it hurts with the training yards being changed from the agricultural sector, to the leisure sector. With the combination of the big owners monopolising all the races, the Irish industry looks in pretty poor shape, although you wouldn’t think it after last week’s Cheltenham Festival. My warning about the pyramid and the base, which must be solid to let everything grow, will come true, not only in Ireland, but here as well. With costs going up constantly, no proper staff recruitment, and no encouragement for new owners to come into the game, something drastic needs to be done and quickly.

Brushing and her Casamento colt

We have only got two more mares left to foal who are due mid-April onwards and the majority are getting covered and being tested in foal. I was delighted to see Sixties Icon have another Group win in Ireland at the weekend, as we have got two mares booked into him and he is the type of horse that can improve the mares and get racehorses on the track. We have been covering the mares from a wide assortment of stallions this year, from Oasis Dream downwards. It is a fascinating process and everybody dreams of breeding that one horse that can conquer the world. Let’s hope we have an Arrogate on our hands. Whilst on that note, since the Dubai World Cup surface has reverted back to dirt, the American’s have dominated and will continue to do so. It had rained heavily and the surface was called muddy with bad kickback, but what we saw was the world’s best dirt horse, at present, and it was a fantastic performance after missing the break.