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Rain is forecast for later

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

"You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart."


Clearance leading Stellekaya

It’s mild enough this morning and no rain as yet, but it is forecast for later on in the morning and it will continue to be quite unsettled for the next few days. We are getting on well with the horses and have done some good cantering work on the Rubbing House polytrack and Southfields Round. Stalls practice is also on the agenda later on and with one or two extra people in, the exercises are going as I would wish.

Bracken Brae leading Topalova

It was another slow run race at Wolverhampton yesterday. I don’t think you would have seen a slower race over a mile at ten seconds slower than average, which is just barmy. Hold Firm was only beaten just over two lengths in fifth and is holding his form really well. Astrostorm finished a long way fourth, but the first two could be anything and he will be handicapped on a mark that will see him win races over a distance of ground. He has a lot of improving to do yet and I am very hopeful of him earning his keep.

Walking back to the yard after exercise

I see the BHA is wasting everybody’s time with new designer silks. They seem to think this is the way forward to encourage new owners, pay £5,000 and you can design your own colours. In my opinion it is elitist once again as only companies and very rich people can afford to pay that kind of money. I also think they could be doing a lot more with their time to help the industry, rather than just gimmicks. If they put more brains and people who know what they are doing on the recruiting side for staffing issues, it would be a major help, plus race planning and sorting out the fixture list is just three that spring to mind. There are others, but I suppose they can waste plenty of time looking at pretty pictures.