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It's very pleasant working conditions

Thursday, 30 March 2017

"And thou shalt in thy daughter see, 

This picture, once, resembled thee."

Ambrose Philips.

Budgie and Dixon upsides on the Hamilton Hill

It’s a much warmer morning with the temperature set to soar in East Anglia. It has been raining in the west of the country and through Scotland and Ireland and it is similar for the next few days. We have had a good morning so far in the yard with every lot having plenty of exercise and being dryer and warmer, it is very pleasant for everybody. It is starting to get much busier racecourse side, with one or two new trainers filling the yards and I think the need for the proposed hill canter is becoming much more urgent. I think they are having a problem with the planning and the water board, who are nitpicking about how far we are proposing to dig down at the start of the canter. I am sure this can be overcome and it will be a great benefit when it is built. The number of horses in Newmarket just keeps going up and up, but it does create its own problems with the increasing staff and housing crisis.


I see the legislation for the new Levy replacement has gone through parliament but will be delayed as the European Commission that is looking into the state aide side of things, has not signed it off yet. This is why we are leaving Europe, or hopefully leaving these unelected politicians behind who just cause havoc with so many delaying tactics. Builders are held up by newts, you can’t see what you are reading at night because of dim lightbulbs, and the hoover and hairdryers aren’t strong enough, all ridiculous European ideas. Let’s just hope that this can be finalised quickly and for the life of me I can’t see why it hadn’t been sorted on time. There may be other obstacles in the way as the bookmakers have been pretty quiet and it always worries me when this happens. They may know something that our leaders don’t. If the new system doesn’t get into place the Levy will drop considerably which means less of everything including prize money. Just what is not needed at this present time.

The tree is in full blossom

I see the French have the right idea. There were 5,000 to 6,000 protestors including leading trainers, jockeys and breeders, plus some administrators who were objecting to the French National Lottery proposing to pilot a scheme in 100 bars and café allowing people to bet on four other sports. The French government quickly reversed the approval given and there will now be a negotiation between all parties. The racing lobby were against the impact that it would have on the industry. Oh if it were like it here.