They are not children ...

It's cool and overcast again

Tuesday, 04 April 2017

"A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend."


Gee Sixty Six and Dixon

It’s an overcast and cool morning once again and although I said yesterday there wasn’t any rain about, I have just heard that there may be some showers on the way. It has been a mixed morning with first lot going really well with horses galloping on the newly opened Peat Moss turf in front of the racecourse. Second and third lot were not too bad, but one horse slipped up on the walking grounds and landed on the pilot’s leg, which meant him being carted off to hospital for further examination. We have not heard anything more, and let’s hope it is just a strain, rather than a break. There is never a day goes by without something happening and, as I usually say, we are crisis managers.

Astroblaze, Stellekaya and Koin

I see Ascot are doing it once again, going their own sweet way. They have done it with the authorised betting partners and TV rights and they have now decided to stay with Betfred and have their own AscotBet, rather than join the majority of racecourses who are forming their own Tote. Why racing keeps doing this is beyond me. We should be doing things as one and everybody agreeing. We will never get anywhere if this sort of thing keeps happening.

Work over and a cooling walk back to the yard

Lord Derby is also at it again. He is in the High Court again over the Hatchfield Farm situation and if he wins, it will be going back to the Secretary of State for him to adjudicate on. It never seems to end and I am sure he will find other ways, even if this next try doesn’t work.