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We worked on the Peat Moss gallop this morning

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

"Nature decrees that we do not exceed the speed of light. All other impossibilities are optional."

Robert Brault.

Desert River on the Peat Moss gallop

This morning it’s a carbon copy of yesterday. When I was feeding at just after four, I was feeding in moonlight and you can see why these moons are called poachers moons as it was nearly daylight. There is no wind, a perfect temperature and everything has ticked over well. We had Gabriele in very early and then Stevie Donohoe came in and rode two pieces of good work on the Peat Moss gallop. I was having a conversation with one of the heathmen this morning, Edward, see picture below, and he was telling me he thinks there will be very little rain this month, and he could be right. Apart from using the Peat Moss, we have been mainly on the polytracks close to home. One or two staff are starting to turn up and we have a couple prospective good ones in the pipeline, although we still need a feeder and travelling person. Two really responsible, well paid jobs with plenty of perks, you just wonder where the next generation of senior staff are coming from. 

     13_Koin__Blaze     29_Secret__Stelle
(L) Koin and Astroblaze and (R) Astrosecret and Stellekaya

I see the Irish are getting tough on their integrity with several recent cases. Their most high profile team have just had a horse suspended and the jockey banned for, seemingly, the jockey not putting in enough effort. This is a new rule which has suddenly come in and although I haven’t seen the race in question, it cannot have been as bad as the one we saw the other night at Chelmsford where, after appeal, the BHA exonerated one of our high profile jockeys with a similar matter. It should be a level playing field for everybody, but it is very hard to prove one way or other and we will always get ones that slip through the net. We do need strong policing of our sport, both integrity and vet wise. It gives the public confidence to have a bet in the knowledge that if there are any misdemeanours, they will be punished.

Edward the heathman

I see we still haven’t got European approval for the reform of the Levy and we are starting to miss out on income already. Why we couldn’t have got it sorted out to coincide with all parties is beyond me as I have said before, and I still suspect something will come out of the woodwork to thwart it, but let’s hope not and the extra income can be used correctly.