The new game machines are set to go in the shops ...

Happy 90th Birthday to my mother

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

"A mother's love is forever."


Indian Red

Once again it's colder than yesterday and in fact early on there was a good ground frost and bands of rolling fog across the Heath. Both disappeared when the sun came up and it looks set to be another dry day. Both jockeys came in again this morning so we have been doing some good work on the Rubbing House and Round canters. All has gone well so far. 


A very "Happy Birthday" to my brilliant Mum who is 90 today and still going as strong as ever. She is a really amazing lady whose life is always full of enjoyment. She is a great example to us all.  She is without doubt the matriarch of the whole clan, and the majority of them will be congregating for her party.

Saint Anthony

We have still not received the European Commission's approval of the new Levy system, but the BHA still state that they remain confident of receiving it shortly. Whether the General Election called yesterday will cause problems we shall have to wait and see.
The Craven Breeze-Up had it's first half of lots sold last night with huge gains in all departments, and I think something like thirty horses made over £100,000 each. I know there will be one or two good horses come out of this sale but I wish somebody would do a study on what does actually happens in the long run with the whole catalogue. The two-year-old Excelebration colt above, Budgie, is for sale at a much more sensible price and is a lovely horse - see our "Horses For Sale" page for further details.