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Our last foal of the season has arrived

Tuesday, 09 May 2017

"In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged."

Hans Nouwens.

Warming up

It’s not quite as cold as yesterday and I think there is a little bit of rain forecast somewhere in the south towards the weekend. Everybody involved in the agricultural world is desperate for rain - the farmers whose livelihood is growing crops is very much up against it and the hay makers are certainly praying for as much as possible. We have had a busy morning with some fast work being done on the Cambridge Road and some cantering work being done on the polytracks close to home. Only one non-runner so not too bad and everybody who is in, is working well.

Fast work on the Cambridge Road polytrack

What a night, one of those nights that you just want to forget. We started off with Budgie who, once getting the idea started to improve, only to be flattened by a jockey flailing his whip. He will definitely be winning over six furlongs and we will look back on this race and smile.

Astrosecret ran well for a long way and just got tired in the straight. She will strip a lot fitter next time and there are races to be won with her.

Lost The Moon, well, words fail me here as she stumbled slightly when coming out, which should be expected when coming out of the stalls. The pilot lost one iron but failed to get it back and quickly bottled the job by kicking the other one out and pulled the filly up. He didn’t even start the race again and gave away £500 fourth prize money just for being a mile behind. A jump jockey would have kicked it in the ribs, jumped three fences had a haircut, watched the TV, cleaned his boots, and then got his irons back. Don’t get me going, I have just calmed down.

Then we have the debacle of Desert River who, once I have put the jockey up in the paddock, is out of my control. He was a lamb at Yarmouth and should have been again last night, but different starters and handlers caused him to get upset. Why they didn’t just stand and wait and calm down I just don’t know, but certainly chasing him in and at a trot is not what he wants. He unfortunately now can’t have a stalls test for six months so I may be showing him eight flights of hurdles in the near future. He is a horse with tons of ability and I am just sorry it was a complete mess last night. He would have gone very close as well.

Hold Firm, as usual, was the redeemer of the night, with a simple victory really in the mile handicap. It suited him that one went off lickerty split and he cruised into contention and won easily enough. He is a marvellous horse to train, always does his best and gives his very loyal band of syndicate owners such fun. I may give him a week off now.

Colt by Sir Percy ex Astrodiva 

At last the final foal of the season arrived last night. A 60 kilo colt foal by Sir Percy was born to Astrodiva at around 7.30. He was soon up and sucking and looks a good addition to the fold. I must give the workers at the stud every praise and especially David, the stud groom, who does such a sterling and expert job year on year. It is very tiring for a few months and the constant workload can sometimes get you down, but everybody has been in great spirits and I thank them all for all their hard work.

Mount Nelson ex Topatoo

It is one of my oldest owner’s birthdays today, Michael Bowring. So, Happy Birthday Michael and the foal we share out of Topatoo is pictured above. She is a real cracker and would give Kate Moss a run for her model looks.