The turf season is just around the corner ...

We worked on the Cambridge Road polytrack

Thursday, 11 May 2017

"Climb from the depths of your soul to the heights of your future."

Terri Guillemets.

Astrostorm and Gee Sixty Six

The weather is very similar to yesterday, warm, sunny and no breeze. Let’s hope we get the showers forecast over the weekend. We have had a good morning horse wise, with some fast work being done on the Cambridge Road polytrack at first lot, and second lot we quickened up a few on the Rubbing House strip. All has gone well and without a hitch. Staff are beginning to get settled, although illness, and I must count myself as not feeling too well at present, has hit one or two of the lads.

Ginger Lady, leading Stellekaya and Dot Green

Once again we were at Chelmsford last night, where Astroshadow got very tired as I knew she would do. She behaved quite well though, walking straight into the stalls and travelled well for a long way. She will come on for this run and I will not be long before getting another run into her. Clearance was the original bad boy and although there were no fillies in sight in his race, he had everything hanging out and his only interest was anything he could jump on. He was then completely stupid at the stalls with his mind on other things. He has been absolutely perfect at home. The first phone call was to the vet this morning and he will be having the appropriate operation on his undercarriage later on today. I think the last horse I had as bad as this was called Mensa, who did very similar things, but once cut, was a revelation and we sold him very well to Hong Kong where he was a champion. Let’s hope the operation will work the oracle with Clearance.

Hold Firm

I see the Racecourse Association Chief Executive is singing the praises of the racecourses commitment to prize money and how well they are doing. With the amount of money they are getting from media rights and other incomes, plus the amount of racing they are allowed nowadays, it has become very easy for them to manage this increase. It certainly has not been seen at lower levels and the sooner the Horseman’s Group get a minimum prize money agreement in place, the better. It is still pitiful at many places. I must mention Chelmsford here on a note about prize money as it was unbelievably good last night and it wasn’t all won by the big trainers. It is just a pity there were not more people there to watch the racing.