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It's a beautiful spring day

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

"If you get no as an answer don’t forget, no stands for Next Opportunity."


Gee Sixty Six leading Dixon and Clearance at first lot

It is a glorious spring morning with the heath looking in great condition after last week’s rain. It was unbelievably quiet as we galloped some older horses at first lot and it was very similar at second lot when some two-year-old colts came across together. Mornings like this on the heath are what training racehorses are all about and it was great to have Richard Marriott with me this morning to see some of his horses do fast work. I joked I was getting him fit as well as we had quite a long way to walk from where we were parked to across the gallops. The ground is perfect and all went well, the horses are coming on in leaps and bounds. I will be doing quite a bit of similar work this week, with plenty of runners from now onwards.

Lost The Moon upsides Velvet Voice

The standoff between Arc and some of the bookmakers continues with Sunderland and Newcastle greyhound tracks being bought by the company. This is all to do with the media rights and pictures in the betting shops. There must be an agreement soon between the parties. It is just common sense that people won’t go into the shops if there are no pictures, whether it is horseracing or greyhounds.

Desert River, Budgie and Four Fifty Three at second lot

It is fascinating to read the article today on how Betfair was started and the two other dynasty’s, William Hill and Bet 365. The one thing in common with all three is that they have all made a fortune within our industry and to be blunt, put very little back in. I blame our leaders and politicians for this as we could have a booming industry if we were running the gambling ourselves. It would have been so easy 60 years ago to have done this, but unfortunately now, we are entwined with commercial businesses that employ very bright people with an intellect far greater than the people running the country and our industry. Everybody is running around for the scraps which should never have happened.