The turf season is just around the corner ...

I am delighted with how this morning went

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

"A hundred hearts would be too few

To carry all my love for you."


Bracken Brae leading Astrosecret, Dot Green, Stellekaya and Topalova

After first lot

It’s another very warm morning, with no wind and we have cracked on early with two good lots of workers on the perfect surface of the Peat Moss gallop. Some older fillies came together in a bunch and then some two-year-old fillies quickened up for the first time led by Indian Red. To say I was delighted with everything is an understatement. Those of you that have been following this website for a long time will know the problems we have had with staff, but at this present moment in time, and let’s hope it last all year long, we have got a great bunch that get on really well and can all ride. It makes such a big difference and I am very thankful to the team involved.

Indian Red leading the 2YO fillies Honey Blossom, Astrojewel, Koin and True Calling

After second lot

The next two Classics get ever nearer and the publicity starts to crank up now. ‘Breakfast With The Stars’ was yesterday where a few of the competitors got to canter round Tattenham Corner and get used to the track, plus the press have a chance to quiz the connections on their wellbeing and hopes. Considering it is our biggest race, the publicity is obviously in the Racing Post but unlike the Melbourne Cup, it doesn’t seem to hit the dailies. For two or three weeks before the race in Australia the papers, TV news and radio is full of articles and pieces on all the entrants. It is obviously a different culture in Australia where everybody has a bet and enjoys the whole racing experience and the build up to the big race itself. It certainly stops the nation on the first Tuesday in November. It is such a shame that the Derby moved from its original Wednesday slot to a Saturday where it is now just another race in a big sporting day. I know I am a dinosaur, but I think it was a major mistake to move it and I just wish they would move it back.

Ginger Lady having a pick of grass

A funny thing happened at Redcar on Monday when, after a race, a filly was being led back to the stables, got loose and went into the stable lad’s canteen. I think she took one look at the food on offer and disappeared. I’m only joking here as the food and digs at Redcar is run very well.