The turf season is just around the corner ...

We have one runner today at Leicester

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

"Poetry is to prose as dancing is to walking."

John Wain.

Honey Blossom

It’s an overcast start to the day and we had quite a bit more rain last night. I was very surprised that the peat moss was open this morning and we used it first lot, but it was certainly on the soft side so we moved across to the flat gallop at second lot. Apart from one incident when one of the girls fell off, all has gone reasonably well.


All three horses blew up yesterday. The two at Leicester behaved well, but certainly needed the outing and blew for a quarter of an hour each. Lost The Moon blew for 40 minutes, which was very surprising to me. They will be getting plenty of graft from now on as they look absolute pictures, but need to be fitter than they are to get competitive.

We have one runner today at Leicester, Budgie, who runs in the second division, the six furlong maiden at 2.20. He ran better than his finishing positon last time and I think could run a sound race today. He is a very attractive, tough horse and I am sure will improve once again.

Four Fifty Three

The build up to the Derby continues apace and it looks like there will be plenty of runners in the big race on Saturday. It looks to me like it is going to be a team race, between Godolphin and Coolmore and I am sure tactically it will be fascinating. Apart from the madman who is running his filly with no chance, there are no what I call normal owners and trainers and it is sad to see this happening all the time in the big races. Our industry, at present, looks to be going only one way and that it towards the big battalions who monopolies all the big races. I am sure the general public can’t get inspired or enthused when this happens as they love an underdog, but there seems to be very few of them around at present.