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Astrostorm ran a sound race yesterday

Thursday, 01 June 2017

"To give vent now and then to his feelings, whether of pleasure or discount, is a great ease to a man’s heart."

Francesco Guicciardini.

Hamilton Hill in the sun

It’s a lovely warm sunny morning with no breeze and the temperature is perfect for working. We have been cantering on Hamilton Hill and then put three horses through the stalls, two of which need stalls tests this week. They walked in like lambs, thank goodness. The rest of the morning we will be cantering close to home. 

Lost The Moon and Stellekaya

Our runner yesterday, Astrostorm, ran a sound enough race to finish fourth. He liked the ground, stayed the trip well, should get a bit further and showed me enough to know that he will definitely be winning races in the not too distant future. We have no runners today, but two tomorrow night at Doncaster.


I want to comment now on the BHA blocking the apprentice Gina Mangan riding in the Derby on Saturday. There is a bigger picture here to think about and I feel this is a knee jerk reaction to the articles and press that has been happening over the last few days. Any owner is entitled to enter a horse in the Derby and whether they have a good chance or no chance, if they pay all the entry fees, which the racecourse and the BHA take with open arms, they are entitled to run. In this instance the BHA have hidden behind rule (F)83 which states “it would be in the best interest of the sport not to accept this declaration”. I can’t see this at all as this apprentice has been riding since a child, has had 69 rides and is very capable. It is not her fault that she has only had one winner as she has not been put on ones with very many opportunities.

My point here is that the BHA let Victoria Pendleton ride who had very limited experience on a horse before, over fences, at a very similar high profile event. She had only had under a year’s riding experience plus a bad experience in a couple of hunter chasers, and a few point to point rides. They were very lucky to get away with it, but once again it looks like money talks and that the high profile connections of the chaser were taken more seriously than John Jenkins and an unknown owner and horse. I am sure that if they had let the horse run she would not have got in anybody else’s way, kept it at the back, tried to run on and beat one. The whole situation needs sorting out, but you can’t ban horses that have not run, or have only run once, from taking part in the Derby as there are many examples of winners coming from this area, so how you frame the race is impossible. My overall point here is that there can’t be one rule for one and one rule for another which it looks like there is here.