The new game machines are set to go in the shops ...

The Rubbing House and Hamilton Hill polys were used today

Thursday, 15 June 2017

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."

Albert Einstein.

Bracken Brae on the Rubbing House polytrack

Before we start the normal blog I would just like to say how terrible it was to watch the fire in London yesterday morning and send our condolences to the family and friends of everybody who died. It seems a never ending battle at the moment, whether it is terrorists or this awful fire, and let’s hope things can change for the country and everybody can pull together for a much better future.

Rum Ration and Saint Anthony at first lot

It’s a very warm day with no breeze whatsoever and we are getting the horses in and out before the sun gets too high in the sky. The morning has been interrupted by a delivery of hay, which has needed to be put away, and all the lads have been helping with that in between lots. I have kept the horses very close to home, either on the Rubbing House polytrack or the Hamilton Hill polytrack. All has gone well and we have had Gabriele riding out a couple of lots as well. He got a bit of tuition this morning on how to ride, which hand to keep his whip in and to try to keep hold of it and not throw it away like he did at Yarmouth yesterday.

Four Fifty Three, Roof Garden and TTMAB

Hold Firm didn’t get the best of rides yesterday. I don’t think he would have beaten the winner in that form, but should have finished second. He never runs a bad race, always tries his hardest and there will be more races to be won with him yet. Astroshadow ran in snatches yesterday and looks like she wants a long way. She will now be handicapped but that will be very low and we may struggle to find a race for her in the near future. 

     19_Jewel__Koin     20_Breeze__Fire
(L) Astrojewel leading Koin and (R) Astrobreeze leading Astrofire

It was pleasing to see the challenge on the point of consumption tax failed in the Court of Justice of the EU yesterday. This challenge came from the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association. It is just another small victory, but the battle is still not over. There are quite a few things that will continue to roll on and the finances of our industry could get pretty tight before finally settling down.

I see Tracey Crouch has been reappointed as Minister for Sport. It will be very interesting to see what happens with the gaming machines in the betting shops and what she reduces the minimum play to as the bookmakers are now very dependent on these machines to keep the shops running.