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Well done Richard

Monday, 26 June 2017

"Never rob your character to enrich your pocket."

Lendall Basford.



It's a warm morning and as yet no sign of rain but it is forecast and we are desperate for some both for the race tracks and the grass at home. It's been a busy morning and we have sent a box off to Ireland this morning to collect a mare in foal so we are a couple down in the yard. We have got on well cantering on the Rubbing House and Hamilton Hill.


Velvet Voice

Our Ascot tipping competition finished on Saturday with a victory for Richard who finished the whole meeting of 30 races plus 69p! I was a distant second minus £114 73p but it did go right down to the wire as it would have been a lot closer if my nap had won the last instead of finishing third. It was great fun though and the whole meeting went off brilliantly.


The Guv'nor

My brother wrote a letter which was published in the Racing Post yesterday on the dress code debate which has been going on during the week. He was quite critical of Newmarket and it looks as if he was right on that front as on Friday night, at their first music night of the year, there have been children and ladies traumatised by what they had to put up with in the crowd. It's all well and good putting on music nights but they should never be combined with racing as most courses are not set up to be music venues. There are never enough police and security men as they cost money and profit is what seems to rule most racecourses nowadays. There are always idiots who get out of control be it with drink or other means but Newmarket will have to get a grip quickly, or go back to just being a horse race venue which is what most of it's members would like.


Sharon Goddard visiting Hold Firm armed with several packets of Polos

Thank you to everyone for their kind inquiries about Di. She is home now after having the operation and will be having a quiet time to recouperate. Her husband tells us she is itching to get back but she must take time to get herself right and we all wish her a speedy recovery.