The turf season is just around the corner ...

Three runners today

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

"Talk does not cook rice."

Chinese Proverb.



It's an overcast morning with no wind and very muggy. We have rain forecast for later in the day and I hope we will have a good inch which is so badly needed. It will be the first that Newmarket has had for a while. Everybody is in bright and early today and we are getting on well with the horses, with pipe openers for the two that run tomorrow and the rest having good canters.


Honey Blosssom doing a pipe opener...  


with Four Fifty Three and Rum Ration yesterday

We have three runners today, all of them are two year olds, with two at Wolverhampton this afternoon and one at Brighton this evening. Four Fifty Three, who has run twice before, and Rum Ration, making his debut, are the two at Wolverhampton. Four Fifty Three is drawn well in stall one and it will be interesting to see how this big scopy colt will handle the Wolverhampton course, plus he will be in all the kick back possible. Rum Ration is drawn in stall ten on the outside and will have to slot in quickly. He will benefit greatly from today's outing.

Tonight's runner is Honey Blossom who made her debut at Yarmouth. This is a completely different track with its turns, hill and camber. We are having to take on everybody's runners today and I hope Brighton has some rain before the race. Gabriele Malune rides.


Saint Anthony

We were talking yesterday about the apprentice system and how it is claimed they are being exploited. Well, if you read what Richard Fahey has to say about it you see it is not all one way. He puts the figures of what everybody earns out there and it shows that for every apprentice ride he would lose £10 to £12. He also states that he thinks the Professional Jockeys' Association is being so aggressive about this that very shortly nobody will want the hassle of having an apprentice. I cannot agree more and it was what I was trying to get across yesterday. The apprentice system may need a few tweeks but at present there are plenty of opportunities being offered to apprentices, as we are giving Gabriele today and tomorrow but I make nothing out of it and Mr. Cumani will lose £20. I think the Racing Post has stirred up a couple of items lately ie: the whip and this apprentice situation. I don't know why, it doesn't make people buy more papers.



I see the Derby winner, Wings Of Eagles, is recovering well from injury and they don't need to put a pin in the sesamoid bone at the back of his joint. I don't know the exact situation but if he is not going to race again and just be a  stallion time is the best healer, and often with these operations horses can do harm to the other leg when they attempt to stand up after the operation.