The turf season is just around the corner ...

We had a good mornings work

Friday, 14 July 2017

"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude."

Ralph Marston.

Dixon and Topapinion on the Peat Moss

It is slightly overcast at the moment but warm enough. There is a light breeze and I did need a jumper at first two lots when we were galloping on the Peat Moss on Racecourse Side. We have had two good lots this morning with Joey Haynes in and we are starting to get on with the two-year-olds and give them an education. All has gone well. 

Gee Sixty Six and Astrostorm

The July meeting got off to a great start yesterday, big crowds and good racing on perfect ground. It will be drying up though and the ground will be getting faster as the week goes on. I just hope the Clerk of the Course doesn’t get bamboozled into putting too much water on by certain trainers who require a cut for some of their horses. It is great racing today with the Duchess of Cambridge and the Falmouth for the fillies. There was a good fillies’ maiden yesterday and there is one for the colts today. There are usually plenty of winners come out of these division. 

Clearance leading the two-year-olds second lot

It sounded an eventful Newmarket Town Plate yesterday with the Sheikh falling off at the two furlong pole. He is ok though and the Corinthian spirit is still sound and not diminished. Everybody who took part would have thoroughly enjoyed the day and a local won it. I hope they liked the sausages.

Making their way back home

I see the author of the whip debate is calling for education, which I think was his whole point in the first place. It is about time this issue was put to bed, but as I said the other day, on every racecourse there should be places where the public can go and be informed about what happens on the track, whether it be holding a light weight racing saddle, a racing plate (horse shoe) a cushioned whip, or even if they want to know where the nearest loo is. Every racecourse should get their act together and have these positions quickly in situ. It wouldn’t take much doing and it would certainly be a step forward.

Phil on Friday


I came across an article the other day by American journalist Damon Runyon. It was written in his own, unique style a long time ago, but must still strike a chord in every punter’s, and owner’s, heart, so I thought it well worth reproducing.

It appeared originally in Life magazine, and was headed Monologue of a Horse Player.

“What did I ever do to anybody? Why can’t I win? Seconds, seconds, seconds. All meeting long, seconds, seconds, seconds. What did I ever do to anybody? I try to live right. I never stole nothing. Why can’t I win?

 “Look at that last one. Three days ago he ran for a thousand dollars. Couldn’t beat a three-legged pig, and me betting on him….I thought he was a stand-out. Today he moves up five hundred (and wins) and me looking out of the window.

 “Look at that thing in the third…..I make him the best thing of the meeting. They say something happened to the boy’s tack. Why couldn’t it happen to the winner? Why did it have to happen to me? Everything that happens around here happens to me. What did I ever do to anybody…?

 “I bet on favorites and long shots win. I bet on long shots and favorites win. I got four photo finishes last week. I went down and looked at the pictures and I don’t see how the judges could split them. They could have called them either way…..I never got a photo finish in my life. What did I ever do to anybody?

 “I never killed no-one. I send money home when I can. I try to treat everybody right. Why can’t I win? I wonder if somebody put a curse on me…..”

Ring any bells?