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We have one runner today at Leicester

Thursday, 20 July 2017

"We have more ability than will power, and it is often an excuse to ourselves that we imagine that things are impossible."

Francois de la Rochefoucauld.

Warming up on Hamilton Hill

We had a drop of rain first thing, which has kept the ground perfect and more is forecast towards the weekend. We have had a really good morning so far with horses cantering on the Rubbing House polytrack and a few on Hamilton Hill. All has gone well and the horses look like they are starting to come into form. A rider or two would certainly help and we have vacancies for full and part-time riders at present. If you are interested please give the office a ring.


It was a good run last night from Gee Sixty Six to finish third at Sandown. He needed a good push to get in the stalls, but once in, he was happy and he travelled well before picking up strongly in the straight.  I think the ground was slightly against us and by the time of our race, it had cut up even more. He is improving and will be winning races very shortly.

We have one runner today at Leicester. Astrosecret turns out again in the mile and a half handicap at 4.55. She got no sort of a ride last time and will be much handier today. I hope the ground doesn’t go too soft as she hates soft ground. She is another that could run well, like all of ours this week.

Untacking after exercise

After last Saturday’s full programme of races on what they call Super Saturday, it is now moving to a quieter Saturday with no real stand out races this weekend. It can’t be beyond the wit of somebody to move at least one of the fixtures a week later and make it much better for all the professionals concerned. There just doesn’t seem to be any brain or willingness from the powers that be to sort out all the anomalies. We saw another yesterday with Hayley Turner making another comeback to win a race in a series worth £100,000. I thought this series was for up and coming jockeys, but rules are rules and they have not been broken, but why oh why didn’t they tighten them up so it gave the younger and inexperienced professionals and amateurs a chance.

Gee Sixty Six in the parade ring last night at Sandown

There is a very interesting double page spread in the Racing Post on Irish racing today and how to attract and keep owners. The statistics at the bottom of page nine are striking, with active owners down nearly 2,000, syndicates down nearly 1,000 and individual owners down to just over 3,000. It is a big problem and all down to cost and prize money. The Irish authorities will do everything within their powers to attract people, but if the money just keeps going one way, it will be a thankless and futile task. We in England are on a similar stage, with prize money so pathetic it is unbelievable, especially in the lower regions. We have still not got the new money coming in to fill the coffers, but there is still a chance that somebody will challenge the ruling as the window for objections have not even opened yet. When that is finally done by the EU, there are two months for somebody to object. I am sure there will be a twist in the tail yet.