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We don't need the rain for our horses

Tuesday, 08 August 2017

"A nightmare is only a dream that hits turbulence."

Terri Guillemets.


It’s a damp, overcast morning with the forecast to get very wet from late afternoon onwards. The prediction is for anything between 5 and 35 mm and it is forecast for East Anglia to be the worst affected area. Absolutely typical when I have got horses that want fast ground at Yarmouth and it looks guaranteed to be very much on the soft side. Not a bad morning so far, but one non-runner again, which always annoys everybody. You would be amazed at how often this occurs in this industry and I can tell you that it happens to all trainers, on a daily basis. There are very very few that have a consistent workforce. The reasons for the problem can never be pinpointed and it is not just a British problem, it is a worldwide one. It seems this industry has its fair share of employees who suit themselves. I have been cantering close to home on Hamilton Hill and everything has gone smoothly so far.


It was a very strange coincidence that yesterday morning I gave all my staff a talking to about high energy drinks and coffee being brought into the yard, and the rule that it is highly dangerous if they pee in the stable, or spill their drinks. Drinks have been banned anywhere near the yard and the toilet facilities pointed out. The headlines today in the Racing Post were music to my ears, although unfortunate for Dean Ivory who lost a race under such circumstances. We, and everybody else, will be taking more precautions to cut out the chance of a reoccurrence. 


Angie and her staff at the stud have been very busy lately, getting on top of all the maintenance jobs and field work. It is a never ending cycle, as I have said before. Just last week we had a cherry picker in cutting down overhanging trees. We have been weed killing and aerating, plus edging and fencing. That’s along will all the normal jobs, of mowing, strimming, muck picking, mucking out, painting boxes and creosoting. There are always gutters and ditches to be kept clear, so along with the 101 other jobs, no two days are the same. It will be weaning time soon as the foals are really growing fast now and before we know it, the yearlings will be in for breaking and everything will be moved around on the stud.