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We had a nice winner yesterday

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

"Dreams are free, so free your dreams."

Terri Guillemets.


It’s a warm, dry morning with no wind and the ground is drying up fast. I know there is a band of rain forecast later in the week, so we won’t count our chickens too soon. A full turn out of staff, put the flags up, and we have been cantering on Southfields turf where there was a very good dew at first lot. Everything has gone off without a hitch so far.

     02_Dot     07_Dixon
(L-R) Dot Green and Dixon

The ground had dried up a bit at Thirsk, which was certainly not in our favour for Velvet Voice. She came there to win her race, and then didn’t let herself down. It was very similar to her Leicester run, and maybe her ideal is a mile and a quarter on proper soft ground. Stellekaya was disappointing again and we may have to have a rethink with her.

We did have a better night at Chelmsford, with Four Fifty Three putting up a good performance when coming from quite a long way back to win nicely. He is improving and should be up to winning another one in the not too distant future. I blame myself for Gee Sixty Six as he was much too fresh and pulled way too hard, which meant he had nothing left at the business end. He will be getting plenty of racing and must learn to settle. He has everything in his favour, the physique, the ability and the looks, he just needs to get his brain in gear and I think plenty of racing will do that.

     13_Tlova     14_Lost
(L-R) Topalova and Lost The Moon

I see the Newmarket Horseracing Museum is going to make some redundancies as it seeks to tackle financial problems caused by a failure to get sufficient members of the public through its doors. I don’t exactly know who is in charge, but it is actually quite hard to find the museum as it has very poor signage. The shop is very expensive, and doesn’t encourage people to spend, and I just can’t understand why everybody who comes to Cambridge, which is enormous, and with all the organised tours for overseas visitors, the museum is not on their to do list. It may be that the pricing is too much as well, but it is very disappointing that already, people are being made redundant. It is a fantastic museum with unbelievable exhibits, a working yard, where you can get up close and personal with the horses and see them being retrained, plus there are people on hand to give you all their experience and guidance about the industry.

Ginger Lady

I asked Derek Thompson last night for a bit of advice on commentating, because as you know, I have been roped into doing a live commentary at Newmarket’s Rowley Mile on Saturday 23rd September. He gave me some sound advice and I will be practicing hard for the big day. It is all in aid of charity and is now a team event between Newmarket and Lambourn. My just giving page is