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We have one runner today

Monday, 21 August 2017

"The view is better when it is earned."



We had a shower of rain last night which has just kept the dust down this morning. The forecast is once again for sunshine and showers all week. It should keep everything growing but be very pleasant to work in. There is very little wind which I always think lowers the temperature.

Southfields turf has been the canter used by the string this morning. It was perfectly good ground and a good long flat canter, with a gentle walk back. We nearly had a full set of staff, but one slept in and arrived for second lot. This meant rejigging the board once or twice, but all the horses have been out and having a very good exercise. We had the vicar walk across the heath with us at second lot, Simon Bailey. He is a top man and always shows a great interest in everybody. I think we got his shoes wet, but he didn’t seem to care. I was encouraging him to get a monthly piece in the Owners and Trainer magazine. I am sure he would have plenty to write about and it would interest everybody.

Bracken Brae

We have one runner today at Lingfield where it has rained overnight and the ground is now good. Topalova runs in the 3 o’clock, the two mile handicap. She is a very consistent sort, especially on the all-weather, and I am hoping she can be competitive once again today. We have had a few minor problems with her, but everything seems in good order at present. Joey Haynes takes the ride.

Lost The Moon

The non-runner debate continues with another large article in the Racing Post today, plus the Monday Jury has its say on it as well. You will see that the two trainers are adamant that it is all to do with the 48 hour declarations and pure and simple, that is the main reason. There is no other hidden agenda. It is just such a long time factor between declaring to run and the actual race itself. There is so much that can go wrong with the horse and the British weather changes by the hour. There would be no withdrawals on ground on the all-weather, it would only be for other reasons.

I do not like the article in the post today that seems to insinuate that the regulators are biased and that the BHA board is not as independent as it should be. The one thing that I always find in any sport is that when you have people that know little of how the cogs work, decisions are taken which cause the sport to go into decline and often these decisions are taken without good clear thinking. There is a thought that the Jockey Club who used to run our sport before passing over the regulation to the BHA, should become more involved again. The majority of the members understand horses and are usually very good operators in this sphere.


If anybody would like a riding horse, I have a very nice one to give away to a good home. She would do any job, is a good ride and very sound. Please give the office a ring on 01638 661434 to find out more details.


MHT’s commentary debut – Saturday 23rd September

I had a busy weekend practicing hard for the live commentary at Newmarket’s Rowley Mile. I thank you in advance for donating to a very good cause. My Just Giving link is below