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The clerks got it wrong again

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

"After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world."

Pam Shaw.

Clearance, Dixon and Bracken Brae at first lot

It’s a warm, overcast morning with not a breath of wind. The temperature is about normal for this time of year and with everybody in once again, we have been getting on well. The first two lots have been working Across the Flat on the turf and when people tell you Newmarket is busy, they should have been with me this morning as there was not a soul in sight on hundreds of acres of gallops. Only Tim and I and a few skylarks watched our horses gallop and we both walked off very happy with what we saw.

Four Fifty Three, Roof Garden and Saint Anthony at second lot

Yesterday at Lingfield was a typical example of what the 48 hour declarations can do to the ground. When we declared it was good to firm, good in places and after only having 9mm of rain, it went good to soft, which actually meant bottomless, especially on the far side. Topalova should have been a non-runner as she doesn’t like soft ground, but Michael Bowring and a pal were going and it was exciting for them to have a runner, although disappointing. Joey Haynes came in covered in mud and it just points to why there are so many non-runners when the clerks blatantly have no idea what the ground is. A disappointing day all round and then you are stuck in traffic on that dreadful M25. Oh for an all-weather racetrack here in Newmarket. It is a no brainer to have one.

Velvet Voice

It was the first big European yearling sale of the year this week at Deauville, where three days of selling have seen the few rich elite owners buying and everybody else, whether it is a vendor or a purchaser, struggling.  The aggregate was down and the whole industry seems to be very top heavy. There is nothing at the bottom or the middle, which props it up. We move onto Doncaster and Ireland soon and then Newmarket starts in October. There are a mammoth load of horses to be sold once again and it will be fascinating to watch what happens. 


Thank you for everybody who is contributing to my Just Giving page, it is very much appreciated. I am practicing hard and I must say it is a bit more difficult than it sounds. I see George Scott has backed out from the day and Richard Spencer has stepped in. Let’s hope the Newmarket team can come out victorious. I know we will all be trying. To donate please go on my link below