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It is a really warm, muggy day

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

"We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say we love trees, yet we cut them down. And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved."


Ness of Brodgar yesterday 

It’s a mild morning once again and quite close. There is no wind and it is really amazing how little there has been for the last few months. I am sure we will pay for it at some stage in the future. We have had a fairly quiet morning after yesterday’s work day, but we did put Four Fifty Three, Roof Garden and Saint Anthony through the stalls twice, to give them some practice. Everything went very smoothly and the two colts that haven’t run are ready to go.


The commentary competition between Newmarket and Lambourn hit the press this morning in the Racing Post, and I need as much help as I can get fund raising, so thank you to everybody who has donated so far and thank you to everybody who intends to. I am sure we can beat the Lambourn team and I hope my co-trainers are practicing. I know I am. To donate please go to my Just Giving page following the link below.

Astroshadow cantering on Hamilton Hill this morning

It is the start of the big York Ebor meeting today with four great days of racing. I will be having another competition with Richard and trying to point you in the direction of winners. Our efforts are below.


1.55  A momentofmadness    2.25  Dee Ex Bee    3.00  Venice Beach    3.35  Churchill    4.15  Penglai Pavilion    4.50  Kalagia


1.55  Move In Time    2.25  James Garfield    3.00  Cracksman    3.35  Ulysses    4.15  Magic Circle 4.55  Areen Faisal

Emptying the muck hill

We have a family of little owls (see photo below) at the stud. They are the smallest owl species in England and love being near small hamlets and park land, so the stud is ideal and a very safe environment for them. Angie has got very friendly with them and they often have a chat backwards and forwards together. The stud is a haven for wildlife and we have a wide assortment of animals that can be seen. There are two or three species of owl about, plus many raptors. There are pheasants and partridge aplenty, plus all sorts of wild birds. Muntjac and roe deer, plenty of rabbits, squirrels, stoats and I even saw a polecat the other day running across the road. We have literally hundreds of ducks on the ponds at Deer Park, plus the geese and visiting wild fowl. I have never seen a snake there, thank goodness, and when people say that birds and wildlife are dying out in the countryside, they certainly haven’t been to our establishment. 

The owl at the stud