The turf season is just around the corner ...

It is a bright sunny morning

Thursday, 24 August 2017

"As experience widens, one begins to see how much upon a level all human things are."

Joseph Farrell.

Cantering up Hamilton Hill

It’s a bright sunny morning, but very clean air, which is much better to work in. I hope the mugginess stays away. The forecast is to be dry with a few heavy showers, especially in the north. It may miss East Anglia all together. We have had a good steady morning with all the horses, two canters on Hamilton Hill has been the exercise, and with everybody in and working well, it is one of those good mornings.

Bracken Brae


York got off to a bang yesterday, with heavy rain hitting the course, before a great days racing. It was certainly a good day for Richard’s tipping and I don’t think we missed having one of our selections out of the first four. If you backed all ours, you would have had a very good day. Let’s hope we can continue in the same vein all week.


1.55  Tangled    2.25  Actress    3.00  Laidback Romeo    3.35  Enable    4.15  Mori    4.50  Clear Water


1.55 De Bruyne Horse    2.25  Madeline    3.00  El Vip    3.35  Queen’s Trust    4.15  Curlew River    4.50  Whispered Kiss

Standings so far

MHT minus £60

Richard plus £51.66

Lost The Moon

There has been quite a bit of press lately about Arrogate and how he has been beaten on his first two runs in America this year. He looked a completely unbeatable and exceptional horse last year, but this year has failed to fire on both occasions. It just goes to show horses aren’t machines and you can’t take an engine out and put a new one in. They are flesh and blood and we should always appreciate the times when they run well and the great days they give us, rather than be disappointed when they have an off day.

First lot walking home, led by Dixon

Astrofire second lot

The article from Bill Barber in the Racing Post today highlights three interesting points.

1) That racecourses should be encouraged more by the BHA to keep their going reports up to date and on time. I have often told you that the clerks of the courses are very lapse in this department. There should be a rule like we have and a cut off point for going reports on a daily basis.

2) The governments new levy reform has now got the window open for a challenge on European state aid grounds. Anybody has got until November to make this challenge and it will be interesting to see if anybody does.

And 3) His other comment is on the Chinese interest in horseracing and when betting will be allowed in that country. If and when it does get allowed, it will change the whole landscape of the horse world.