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We have one runner tomorrow night at Chelmsford

Friday, 01 September 2017

"Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that."

Michael Leunig.

On the Peat Moss Gallop

Lost The Moon and Velvet Voice

It started off very misty with thick fog across the heath. A real autumnal morning for September 1st. This morning we have used the Peat Moss turf gallop and with Joey Haynes in for two lots, we have worked some older horses and some two-year-olds. All has gone well apart from one bunch that got lost in the fog and came up the Summer Gallop rather than the Peat Moss. Each gallop has its own coloured markers. The Peat Moss is red and the Summer Gallop is yellow. There was quite a bit of chat afterwards, as you can imagine.

Roof Garden and Four Fifty Three second lot

Bracken Brae ran with credit yesterday. She won the best turned out, which was well deserved as she did look a picture and then, in what was quite a competitive contest, she got into contention at the two furlong pole and then just blew up in the final furlong. She had a blow for well over 20 minutes but came back and ate up and will be 100% next time.

We have one runner at the weekend, on Saturday, when Topapinion runs again at Chelmsford. He has his second outing in the one mile novice event at 6.50.  There are a couple of winners in here and another couple of high profile horses, but it will do him good to run again, both mentally and physically.

Astrofire and Astroblaze

The Irish side of our profession seems to be having the exposure and scrutiny on it more and more at the present time, what with the Ballydoyle staff case, and the Davy Russell debacle. Both of these could be quite easily sorted out quickly and with common sense, but in today’s world it seems to take forever and is not good when the national papers take it up. Let’s hope they can soon put both of these items behind them and get on with singing the praises of how exciting horseracing is and what a great sport it is to be involved with. The Irish has just launched an initiative to get new owners, as they have been leaving the game in droves over there. It is all down to prize money and opportunity and we over here have to take note as the whole industry is changing, but certainly not for the better.

Ness of Brodgar and Velvet Vision

I must make a short comment on Phil on Friday’s piece, published below. He very kindly thinks I will be ok doing my commentary, which I hope I will be, and brought back Private Audition’s great Cesarewitch win. He won the race by miles, but the commentator at the time, who I think was Robin Grey, did call him the wrong horse as he had similar colours. I can remember standing at the top of the old Newmarket stands peering down the course looking for my horse trailing in, only to be congratulated by many people on the way down to the unsaddling enclosure after the judge and the commentator announced the winner. They did have very similar colours, with plenty of yellow on them, but for my first big winner, I didn’t get the same feeling I should have had. I hope I don’t do that when I have a go. Thank you for everybody who has donated so far, but please keep helping the cause on the link below.

Phil of Friday

I see the Guvnor is to commentate on a race at Newmarket later this month. It’s for charity, and we all wish him the best of luck. Perhaps he’ll get a four-runner two-miler, or a 20-runner sprint with the field splitting into two groups. I wouldn’t have a clue how to go about it either way, but I’m confident he’ll do well.

I have long admired race commentators, and the present-day team have lifted the art to a level well above where it used to be. I don’t know how they do it, day after day.

Here’s a memory the Guvnor might find adding to his stress levels, or maybe reassuring in an odd way. I don’t know.

One of his first big race winners was Private Audition in the Cesarewitch of 1987. The old

horse was miles clear in the last couple of  furlongs but the course commentator called the wrong one. He said something like Jamesfield was the winner, I’m not sure now. Anyway, in his eyes Private Audition was nowhere.

The error was quickly corrected, but it must have been disconcerting for everyone at the time.

So take heart and strength, Guvnor. It’s a rarity, but even the professionals can get it wrong sometimes as I’m sure you will remember.