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We have one runner today at Kempton

Wednesday, 06 September 2017

"Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us."

Henrik Tikkanen.

Saint Anthony

It’s a sunny morning with a slight breeze which is just keeping the temperature down. We have had a busy morning with the horses, cantering on Southfield Turf, and we have had a couple through the stalls over by the racecourse. Everybody is in who should be in to ride out, but there is one non-runner from the yard staff. Luckily we have one of our prospective young employees in. She has left school now and is working in the yard before going off to the racing school. It is great to see a young person full of enthusiasm and who absolutely loves horses.

Roof Garden

We have one runner today, tonight at Kempton at the unbelievably late time of 8.55. This means the staff and horse will be back tomorrow and all for the grand total of under £2,000 to the winner. We must all be stupid to do it as the racecourses are making £12,000 per race from the media right money, and just putting £3,500 back in. Increased minimum values must be the main aim for the Horseman’s Group, who supposedly represent the professionals. Minimum values must rise to at least five grand for this standard of race.

Topalova has the worst draw as well, 14 of 14, although I think there is one non-runner, and that was drawn in 13, which says it all. It is very hard to win from that draw, especially when the field sizes are what they are. It is alright for people to moan about horses being withdrawn, but when you have got the expenses of evening racing, which will be horrendous tonight, you are running for a pittance and you know you have very little chance and have got to get exceedingly lucky form the draw, it can be off putting. If she was drawn in the first half of the stalls, one to seven, I would tell you she has a sound chance of being competitive, but drawn like she is, we have to be extremely fortunate.

Velvet Voice

After yesterday’s good piece by Alastair Down, it is followed up today by Julian Muscatt in his Wednesday column. He’s stating the obvious to all who are clear thinkers and normal that the efforts of the promoters of our industry have got us nowhere with the concept of champion race weekends, whether it be in Ireland, France or our own Champions Day. Each one is an individual jamboree and has different things to offer, but as for being a championship with the same horses taking each other on, it is a near impossibility. Horses are not Grand Prix cars that you can swap engines and tyres between races. My point here is we don’t want to waste money, that could be used elsewhere, to promote a day or a weekend that will be well attended anyway. As Julian says “doubtless there are people in darkened rooms who will be contriving that some daft progress has been made” but his theory is in America they have the Breeders Cup with one Classic, whereas in Europe we have three which dilute the competition.