The turf season is just around the corner ...

We have four runners today

Thursday, 07 September 2017

"Take care of the earth and she will take care of you."


Gee Sixty Six and Indian Red

It is a bright morning with no wind and a perfect temperature for this time of year. I think it is the lull before the storm though as there is a lot of rain forecast for the next few days. At least we have not got the hurricane, which is presently hitting the Caribbean and on its way to the Florida coast. It must be so frightening for all involved and you certainly wouldn’t want to be living on a boat in the path of the oncoming storm. We have been lucky in Britain for many years, but I can still remember the last big storm we had which flattened so many trees across the farm land and the training grounds.

We were galloping our horses on the Peat Moss ground this morning. They didn’t reach hurricane speed, but they came a good windy clip and Tim and I were both delighted with what we saw. 

Astroblaze and Astrofire

Astrobreeze leading True Calling

Last night’s runner, Topalova, travelled well for a long way and then got swamped in the straight. I’m not sure what to make of it, but she may have some headgear fitted next time she appears.

We have four runners today, all tonight at Chelmsford and thank goodness it is only an hour or so away as we are in the 9.10, which means another late night for the lads. Our first runner is Roof Garden in the 5.40. He is a lovely big colt, with a future, but he is the only debutant in this race and the others will have far more experience than him tonight. He will benefit greatly from today’s outing.

Four Fifty Three is our second runner in the 6.10, the mile nursery. He won nicely here last time, but this is a much better race and the bottom weight is extremely well in, handicap wise, and the others have all got chances. I am sure he will run with credit though.

We then have a two hour wait until Lost The Moon runs in the one mile six furlong handicap. She is a course and distance winner here and has had a long break since her last run. I think she will just need this outing after all that time and it will be interesting to see how fit she actually is. She has never stopped growing and is now well over 16 2.

Our final runner, Velvet Voice, is in the mile and a quarter maiden at 9.10. There are very few races for her over the trip and handicap mark she has, so I thought, for the good prize money, it is worth having a go here, but you always run into good horses which there are several in this contest. I hope she can earn so prize money.


I don’t know why people have to try and beat the system in our sport and I see the first cobalt positive test is now going to a BHA enquiry. There are always people trying to get an edge and using whatever they think is undetectable, the world over, whether it is Australia or America, plus other jurisdictions. There are unscrupulous so called professionals trying to win by any means. I suppose it has always gone on, but it always disappoints me that people try and cheat. It is the same in athletics and cycling and I am sure that drugs are wide spread in the soccer world and a lot of positive tests are kept under the carpet to stop the publicity, but it is disappointing all the same and I am 100% behind clean sports that are completely drug free.