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We have a very mixed day with the weather

Monday, 11 September 2017

"A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew."

Herb Caen.

Gee Sixty Six

It’s a real mixture of a morning with periods of bright sunshine, quick heavy showers, plenty of wind and it’s going to be similar throughout the week. With two non-runners and two leavers we have been a bit short on the ground, but with the ones here working well, we have already had some good cantering and three fillies through the stalls. Most of the cantering has been close to home, which certainly helps, and if we ever get the new sky canter, it will be even better.


The wind here has not been up to the hurricane force that they have had in America, and our best wishes go to all those people who have been affected by it. We have had good strong winds and there was a huge crash on Saturday night at home on the stud when a massive beech branch came off very near the lunge ring. With the trees as old as ours, this is just nature pruning itself, but it takes ages to clear up and we were very lucky there was no damage done to humans or property. We have got so much wood at home that I could employ a full time woodman and you wouldn’t see where they had gone for at least two years as there is so much that could be done.

Rainbow over Newmarket 

I think Angie will begin weaning this week at the stud and the first four or five will be starting to move from one farm to another. This process is never the happiest one to do, but the foals by this time are happy with their mates and some of the mares will be pleased to see the back of them. It won’t be long before the yearlings come into the yard and the whole process starts again. 

     123_Branch     124_Branch__Treacle
Branches down by the lunge pit and Treacle surveying the damage

Thank you for the contributions over the weekend for the commentary funds, it’s very greatly appreciated. I am still in full practicing mode with a couple of weekends to go. If you would like to donate please follow the link below